Spirit of the Outback

As usual, I arrived in Australia with absolutely no plans and only on constraint, being in Darwin on January 9th to catch a flight to the Philippines.

From Aloha to Mahalo!!!

Hawaïan archipelago consits of four main islands. I didn’t had time to see all, so I picked up Maui, small island in shape of a butterfly. With my car, I could circle around the whole island, from white to red sandy beaches, from Reef snorkeling…

7 miles miracle

To me, Hawaii was about Ukulele, Magnum, surf and volcano. I had no plan but spending a couple weeks in the middle of the northern Pacific Ocean. While I was there was the WSL triple crown final at Pipeline. Kind of the place to be…

Adiós muchachas y muchachos !!!

En Español y Frances 😉 Hace más de once meses que estoy en América y ahora me voy en Oceanía y Asia. Cuando llegue en Ushuaia en diciembre 2014 con Mateo, quería hacer un viaje lleno de sorpresas. Es mucho más que recibí. Il y…

Road trippin’ in southwest USA

USA has some badasses landscape to offer and as I’m taking my flight to Hawai, I’d like to share with you some of the most scenic landscapes I’ve seen, and how fun it was doing this with Lucy.